Our Courses

Certificate in Office Automation

Data & Information, Computer Architecture , CPU & Memory Organization, History of Computer, Generation of Computer, I/O Devices, Number System, Logic Gates, LAN System....

Diploma in Computer Application

DOS , Windows,Fundamental, Browsing, Creating E-mail Account, Sending/Receiving E-mail etc.

Software Programming

This course is an intensive introduction to the practice of software development. The course is organized around the principle that the only way to learn software development is to develop software. The students will work together to develop a significant software application. Examples include a spreadsheet application, a social media web application, or a distributed chat system. Students will be introduced to all aspects of software development, including requirements analysis, design, implementation, validation, deployment, documentation, and maintenance. However, students will spend most of their time reading, writing and revising code as a core activity.

Dot Net

We are the best .NET training institute by maintaining placement record comparing any other institutes in Chennai..NET(.NET Framework) a perfect programming language which was developed by Microsoft Corporation by February 2002. .NET framework has various set of libraries. These libraries will support various languages such as VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET etc. These libraries are the pillars for the .NET framework. Architects of .NET framework have faced so many problems while coding in the C, C++ environment. They give the correct solutions for these problems by giving numerous and extensive features in .NET framework.


Learn to build and manage SQL Server databases with our SQL courses. Our SQL Server Training Courses provide the skills needed to build a solid foundation for SQL Server development and administration.

Advance Excel

We believe in effective training and tangible results which is why our Advanced Excel Course concentrates on Excel features and techniques that you will be able to apply every day in order to make your spreadsheets more reliable, more efficient, more automatic and to give them maximum impact. Each of the areas our syllabus addresses is intended to equip you with knowledge and techniques that you will be able to use over and over again to not only make your own spreadsheets better, but also to enable you to help your colleagues and solve their Excel problems.

Web Designing

Diploma in Web Designing is a Diploma Course which provides education about Web Designing. Web Designing is specialized field of IT in which skills required for designing a website and related aspects are involved. Web design diploma is designed to provide optimal information and skills for working on different software that enable the candidates to design a website.